well, it starts with an L, anyway

Well, I went to London, and I took a few pictures, but I left the camera with DrBob so he can take a few more. When he gets home I’ll try to get those up. Unless they suck, of course. And that would be the time to write about the trip.

So, slightly out of chronological order, here’s what happened today: I got up at 4 a.m. to catch a red-eye flight to Salzburg. No, I don’t live in (or near) Salzburg, do I? So I had to take a bus and two trains and walk a mile to get home, which I did at 1 p.m. What is that, 9 hours in transit? Gag me.

Anyway, I fed the boys lunch and then we went to get our kitten! She rode home in a basket in the car. She explored her new home to the best of her ability, given that it consists almost entirely of stairs and she’s too little to handle those just yet. She has an eye infection, so we took her to the vet during his drop-in hours. He smeared stuff in her eyes and gave her a shot and some yucky de-worming stuff. So all in all, not a very good day for her thus far. However, she has slept on all three of our laps today, so we think she’s warming up to us. We agreed to call her Lilith (or Lilif, if you’re the Sniglet), but for some reason it doesn’t seem apt, and Lilu is what keeps coming out when I call her. Ignatz agrees, so I think her official name is Lilith, but we call her Lilu for short.

The camera’s in London, so pictures will have to wait a bit. But rest assured, there will be some. Because there aren’t nearly enough pictures of cats on the internet yet.

Song du jour of the day: Let’s Groove, by Earth Wind & Fire


4 responses to “well, it starts with an L, anyway

  • Melanie

    Great name!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mailed you something.


    I thought of you
    when I stirred my coffee
    with a knife

  • amy

    Well, the detour sounds rotten, but I did like Salzburg an awful lot. The youth hostel there gave you an actual towel to use while you stayed with them. I could have kissed them. I had this nasty little super-absorbent towel thing that weighed next to nothing and got the job done, but was nothing like an actual towel. Oh, bliss.

    Looking forward to seeing the kitty. I’m sure she’s happy you can’t take pictures while her eye’s yucky. You know how cats can be.

  • alala

    @ El: working on it!

    @ Mel: Ha! A poem about me! I still stir my coffee with whatever comes to hand. Oh, and I got the letter, superthanks! Nice hat…

    @ Amy: I love Salzburg, and of course I’ve been there several times as a tourist since it’s so close – but I wasn’t a tourist this time, just in transit. And the part I love is the old town and the castle. The airport, the train station, and the bus between the two are like any city.

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