Daily Archives: 7 June 2007

great. just great.

SILs Caspian Socks1We’re leaving for London today! In about two hours, actually, so I was quite pleased to kitchener shut the heel on the second sock today. I should steam-block them, but: 1) I don’t know how, and 2) I don’t have time, because the in-laws will be here in two hours to pick up the kids, and they can take the socks to her today! Otherwise she’d have to wait, all through this warm, sunny weekend, for her new double-thick wool socks… eh. Probably could wait, at that. But that’s not the main thing. The main thing is LOOK! AAUGH! I knitted them mostly at night, by lamplight, while watching Doctor Who on my computer, and it was only today, when I put them on and photographed them in natural light, that I saw: SILs Caspian Socks2 Remember I told you this was a de-stashing project? Well, one of the balls of red yarn I used is a slightly different shade of red than the others.




Er, maybe she won’t… notice?

Song du jour of the day: What’s Going On? by Marvin Gaye.