when therapists ATTACK!

That would have been a much better title for the previous post. Oh well.

Thanks for the sorries, it’s … I want to say Not That Bad, so you don’t have to be sorry, because it’s not like this is your fault (you = people reading this, i.e. NOT the therapist and the teachers who have the staggering epiphany of an idea that I should “talk” to my kid – like that never occurred to me), and anyway, I live with it, don’t I?

I mean, the problem is real, but I don’t usually feel this crippled by it. I’m just toweringly annoyed because I think she’s being wilfully stupid. Because her whole strategy, verbatim, exactly what she said is: “Try.” Um, I have done that, I do that every day. And

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

right? I mean, if she had a new idea, a different approach to suggest, some reason for why it’ll work this time, I’d feel so much less like slapping her. But she doesn’t. So I may decide to just shrug it off and go on doing my usual thing, i.e. the Best I Can. And maybe I’ll stop seeing a therapist who tells me that that isn’t enough.

Or maybe I really will slap her. Just once. Please?

Song du jour of the day: And You Tell Me, by A-Ha.


5 responses to “when therapists ATTACK!

  • Melanie

    Slap her.
    Keep doing the Best You Can.
    Explain to kidlet how you are doing the best you can, why it is the best you can manage, and keep working on that much hyped teamwork between the two of you.
    Or you could put Sniglet in charge? Or just tell the mean therapist that you’re going to, HA.

  • Melanie

    Also: We love you, not because we are pretending that you aren’t struggling and scattered, but just because we love you.

  • alala

    Oh, I know. Lots of people love me. It’s one of the great mysteries of my life, because I drive me bonkers. I would so not put up with me if I didn’t have to.

  • Kel

    My advice? Drop therapist. Slapping is optional, but could be cathartic. And you know how therapists are all about catharsis, right?

  • ~d

    (i say go for the slap!)

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