boring interlude

Well I’ve been trying to write every day, but I am hampered by an unfortunate circumstance: nothing’s happening. Kids = fine. Weather = rainy. Knitting = proceeding apace. London = coming up. Kitten = right after London. Nothing in the paper that I don’t already know, more or less. In such a situation, what is a blogger to do?

I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten y’all. But for the time being, I have nothing of interest to report.


Song du jour of the day: Let the Good Times Roll, by the Cars.

3 responses to “boring interlude

  • Kris

    Hey, no news is good news!

  • samirah

    so i’ve been dying of super hardcore mono the past few weeks and now that i can finally get up and like do things i came to see what you’ve been doing and apparently it hasn’t been much.

  • alala

    @ Kris: this is true. That’s why I’m trying not to wish too hard for some material here.

    @ samirah: this is also true, you have not missed anything. I wondered where you’d got to, and I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend.

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