knitting update

Weird cognitive trap: as you may recall, my original Arwen yarn disappointed me, so I put the project on hold for awhile. I decided to use the rest of April to finish up a bunch of UFOs, and I did finish them all, so on May 1st I was able to cast on my next three projects, which I thought of as my May Knitting Projects, which somehow led me to the assumption that I’d get them all done within the month. Duh. Like that was ever going to happen.

Anyway, here they are, so far:

arwen1Arwen is mainly plain back-and-forth knitting, aside from the cables at the edges, so this is the one to work on while I read. Note seed-stitch edge instead of hem which needs to be turned up and sewn. It’s going really well right now, but I rather dread having to do the math on the sleeves. Oh well, cross that bridge when we come to it and all that…

SylviasCaspianSocksThe Caspian Sea Socks for my sister-in-law rely on a charted pattern which I’m too cheap to print out so I have to knit it at the computer – this is what I work on while I listen to podcasts or watch Doctor Who. The clever color choice is… um, is me de-stashing, basically. Also, I dislike the pointiness at the toes, and will probably pick that bit out. Ignatz picked them up the other day and said, “Are you knitting a bra?”

FindTheRiver1And the Find the River socks, which are my project-for-the-road. The combination of busy yarn and poor photography skills means you can’t really see the cable, sorry about that. These are turning out to be too big for me, so they’ll go to Kelly once I finally get them done.

RorasRainbowSocksAnd here are the Sniglet’s rainbow socks, which will now be Rora’s Rainbow Socks, because he already has a pair of hand-knit socks he rarely wears, and I’m already sending socks to her mom anyway. This is actually one of April’s UFOs that I finished. I distinctly remember taking pictures of another one, Ignatz’s navy cable sweater – he remembers it too – but I’m durned if I can find the pics now, drat it. I’ll try to schedule another photo session.

Anyway. That’s, um… that.

Song du jour of the day: Slip Away, by Clarence Carter, from Kelly’s HotHotHot mixmania CD.

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