how to name a cat

I wanted to call her Liluminai Lekatariba Lamina-Tchai Ekbat de Sebat, because saddling a teeny tiny cat with a big long name is the sort of thing that I think is funny, and I’m also considering what would be fun to shout from the front porch of an evening, on the pretext of calling her in. But the guys aren’t going for it.

Waffles is cute – and a friend’s 8-year-old brother wanted to name their new dog Bagpipe, which I thought was great, but my kids are letting me down on this one – the Sniglet’s proposal was “SpongeBob.” Ignatz thinks Agrippina would be good; but both of the Agrippinas I know of met sticky ends, and besides, you just know it would be shortened to Aggie. Or Grippy.

DrBob votes for Lilith. We may all decide we can live with that, but it’s really not as much fun to yell off the porch.

Sigh. Such a dilemma. In other news, she will be coming home on June 11th, which is the day I get back from London. She’ll be six weeks old, which I think sounds a tad young, but the farmers (yep, she’s a farm cat) don’t want an extra two weeks of responsibilty. I did mention to TAFKAMND (the Artist Formerly Known as Mrs Next Door) that we were going to fetch the cat when she was 8 weeks old, and she said that actually, kitty psychologists have found that it’s better to leave them with their mother for ten full weeks. Better for their emotional development, I guess…

…Kitty psychologists?

Song du jour of the day: The Flat Earth, by Thomas Dolby.

4 responses to “how to name a cat

  • Laume

    I think a long name is just dandy. My teensy tiny chihuahua has a name that weighs more than her. Her full name is Rosita la Changa que Vuela which translated means, Rosie the Flying Monkey. Because I wanted to be able to say “Don’t make me get my flying monkey!” And it had to be in Spanish because William said it had to be in her native language. The Rosita part because, well, she just looked like a Rosie. But in day to day life we call her Rosie although I call her Rosita Bosita or Rosie Bean or Baby Girl a lot and hubby calls her Monkey.

    Lilith is nice – you could call her Lily, which is sweet. My kids had a pair of rats at one time they called Pyramus and Thisbe. But we think Pyramus was really a girl too. Which is okay when you remember that Thisbe was really a man playing a girl in the play. This makes sense to me, not sure if it will for you.

    My dearest friend had a cat names Waffles. He lived to a ripe old age.

    Our current cats are Fred (RIP), George, Ginny and Charlie – the Weasleys. (Harry Potter reference, in casse you’re not a fan), Pizza (she was an abandoned kitten at a local pizza restaurant), Maizie (I brought her home around May Day), Onyx, (my daughter named him) Mongo (my son named him), Nut (Egyptian sky goddess), Yoda (she had big ears, William named her), Owl (a gray tabby, she had the habit as a kitten of putting her ears to the side looking like a wee annoyed owl), Miranda (a gray cat with fur like a storm, hence a name from The Tempest), and Cosmo (another son named her). Whew.

  • Laume

    P.S. We’ve had numerous cats come to us at six weeks old. Even younger, which is way to young, but they were abandoned. They’ve all turned into very bonded, sweet tempered pets. I think it’s probably healthier for kittens to stay with their mother longer, but I don’t think it’s a big deal psychologically, if the family who adopts them treat them like a baby. Those young ones, we ended up having them curled up in someone’s arms for the first week or two. After that, it was all romp and pounce. Put away your fragile knick knacks now!

  • amy

    We got our cat at about 8 weeks old, I think, but he’d been found, with his litter mates, at about 2 weeks old (in the trash) and then bottle fed by volunteers. We then adopted him from that volunteer agency. Basically what happened is he imprinted on me. He would sleep on my head and knead my hair. He’s always been more like a puppy than a cat, because he likes to be with the people more than anything, and he’s very affectionate. His name is Ernie, by the way, but his “full” name is Ernest Q. Hemingway Hood. Q just because, Hood ’cause that’s us, and the rest should be obvious. :-)

  • Melanie

    I like Lilith so much that I actually wanted it on our girlbaby name shortlist. Hubby said a big no. It’s okay with me if you use it.

    Good advice on treating the kitty like a cuddly wee baby for a while, might be a good way to guide your kidlets’ behaviour for the first (excited and sqeezy) bit.

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