Daily Archives: 21 May 2007

still around

Still here, still knitting, played soccer today and am going to London in a few weeks. It’s not that nothing’s happening, it’s just that I haven’t felt like writing. Maybe I’ve been too busy, I dunno. At the moment I have a headache, and I can’t write when my head hurts. So this is just a placeholder, sort of, to remind me in a few days to bring you all up to date on the knitting, confess that I’m no athlete (WHEEEEZE!), and possibly talk about London and ask for advice about my first official function as a Faculty Wife.

Ack! Did I really say Faculty Wife? I’m not even used to being a Wife yet! Ack!

Song du jour of the day: Still Around, by Robert Cray, although that’s a bit hostile, so I’d rather you not consider it somehow representative of this post or my mood. The Lemonheads’ Being Around would be more apt, but I like the Robert Cray song better. That is a tricky thing about the song du jour of the day: I meant it only to highlight a song I’m liking lately, but it keeps turning into a sort of emblem of the day I’ve had, which then precludes the use of a lot of really great songs just because they happen to be sad or angry, and I am rarely sad or angry. Hmm, a dilemma.