Daily Archives: 18 May 2007


Today I chopped a big hole in my workday to go on a yarn-crawl with Elemmaciltur, and met some really nice women. He has such great friends. It was a good day, and I was extremely virtuous: I didn’t buy any yarn! Erm, I did buy yet another circular needle. But I neeeeeeeeded it!

Ganked from Elemmaciltur, in lieu of writing a real post, here is my knitting-list:

bold‘ for stuff you’ve done, ‘italics‘ for stuff you plan to do one day, and ‘normal’ for stuff you’re not planning on doing. I would like to add signifiers for things I am currently doing and things that I might do, but plan is maybe too big a word. But I won’t add them, because I am lazy. Continue reading

You don’t have to tell me…

… that I am completely alone in this. I know, I know. Nevertheless:


Song du jour of the day: Why, Star Trekkin‘, of course!

Aside to Laume: thank you for much food for thought and reassurance. Will definitely ponder your words.