aw, man!

In one of his podcasts, David Reidy mentions that he doesn’t mind his long public-transit commute to work because it gives him four hours of guilt-free knitting. Now of course I love to watch a gaggle of six-year-olds chase a ball around, and the Sniglet’s soccer practice doesn’t take four hours (though it does seem like it, sometimes), but yeah, I was kind of using it as an opportunity for a significant stretch of uninterrupted, guilt-free knitting time. But no longer.

The other mamas have started a little mama soccer team, they warm up and practice at the other end of the field, and then finish up with a game against the team that’s one level up from the Sniglet’s team – they’re like, 8 or so. So now, instead of knitting, I should be exercising, and oh look! there’s my opportunity right there.

SIGH *grumble grumble*

And now I’m committed, because I told Annette (one of the other moms) that I’d be there next week. I will go down in flames. Why, why, why did I say I would do this?

Oh, right. Because ~d sent me a bunch of candy bars and I’m starting to look like the Michelin Man.

Song du jour of the day: Drama Queen, by DQ, aka Peter Andersen. Ignatz wandered in while this was on TV Thursday night. He said “Interesting. Foofy.” and wandered out.


5 responses to “aw, man!

  • amy

    You know, I’ve been sort of looking forward to the someday when I will be sitting on some bleachers, knitting while I cheer my boys on in some sporting thing or other. I’ll have to watch out for the exer-moms and scare them away with my pointy sticks.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Awwww…but we can still organise guilt-free knitting time during the week still, right?

  • alala

    Well, yeah, but not this week: they’re running behind schedule so I’ll be doing my bit from home at the weekend, tragically. You busy Friday?

  • awaiting

    I once took up soccer. But then again, I had four kids less, weighed a buck fifteen and I was in love with the knee socks.

    Now, I am happy if I can dance five minutes of head, shoulders, knees and toes without losing my breath.

    I should be exercising now…but instead am on the computer and eyeing the whipped caramel cake on the counter.

  • Melanie

    Um, maybe this isn’t helpful, but I too can send you candy bars if you like. American and/or Canadian, having the cross border sort of life I do. Any other North American tidbits you crave?
    AND….. Ruby sweater arrived!!!! Photo forthcoming.

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