everyfing good to Mudder day

… said the Sniglet this morning. He was translating directly from the German “alles gute zum Muttertag,” as he tends to do when speaking English – it’s definitely his second language. He gave me lots of hugs and a giant hollow chocolate heart, which he’d acquired some days ago and hidden in the attic. Yes, the one with the skylight. Uh-huh, the warmest room in the house, yes, for several sunny, muggy days.

And Ignatz made breakfast-on-the-counter (would’ve been breakfast-in-bed, if he’d gotten up before 11:45) for me: a bowl of cereal, four weird wafer-egg things left over from Easter, a pickle, and a cup of cold tea, all beautifully arranged on a plate. To be honest, I’m kind of glad he didn’t get up in time to bring all that into my bedroom. I should have taken a picture, but I was too busy eating it, sorry.

They are the best kids ever, because my favorite thing is a good laugh, and they manage to supply me with at least one, almost every day.

Happy Mamaday, y’all.

Song du jour of the day: Liubi Liubi, I Love You, by Todomondo.


3 responses to “everyfing good to Mudder day

  • amy

    Everything good to you!

    Were you eating the heart with the spoon, or is that just for sizing purposes? Either way, chocolate is chocolate. đŸ™‚

  • alala

    No, the spoon was just for scale. The heart did collapse, but was not melted when I opened it. We, being a boy-family, think that is just unutterably cool. (But not so cool that we’re not going to eat it.)

  • Melanie

    Happy Mutter Tag to you, too! Last Mother’s Day I was in labour. Kick made me nutmeg and clove-y pancakes and served them with maple syrup and applesauce.
    love ya!

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