Daily Archives: 11 May 2007

moral dilemma

Telekom workers are on strike. Now, ordinarily I don’t believe in outsourcing jobs, I hate the corporate drive to cut labor costs and what it does to people’s lives, and I despise companies for not caring about their workers OR their customers.

But it’s Telekom. Continue reading

I getted a packij!

lolcat1.jpg That dratted school of the Sniglet’s has scheduled their Mother’s Day event on Friday, which is the day I work in Munich, so I went today instead, to work, so I can go to the… thing. The same sort of Organized Event of Compulsory Childhood Fun that I distinctly remember detesting when I was a child, and my own kids look set to follow in my footsteps, but I have to try – where was I? Oh! Munich, right. Continue reading