Daily Archives: 9 May 2007

it’s that time of year again

Woo-hoo! The Eurovision semifinal is tomorrow night and I. Was. Right. Whatever you may think of monster-rocker Lordi‘s shock-horror victory last year (and I know at least two people who are boycotting Eurovision forever because of it), it has opened the contest to a wider variety of musical genres, and that can only be a good thing, because it will bring Eurovision to a wider audience (so boycott all you want, babe, Eurovision doesn’t care). Me, I don’t care for clubster music, but that doesn’t stop me recognizing that Bulgaria‘s contribution is pretty good for what it is. Ditto the rock anthem, though “pretty good” might be going a tad too far for Iceland‘s entry. And Israel‘s multilingual ska-punk nihilism? Teh awesome. Don’t worry, darlings, you won’t lose your crapfest – we’ll always have Poland – but there’ll be some good stuff too, and not just the guilty-pleasure good stuff. Continue reading