it rains. I live again.

Okay, yes we bought a car. A smaller, more fuel-efficient, cheaper to run and insure, and hopefully less needy car than the one we had. It’s a 2000, and we bought it from its first owner, and we know him and he really didn’t ever drive it in the winter because he spends his winters ABH (Anywhere But Here), as many Germans do. It looks a lot like this.

Also, Wikipedia is awesome because it provides a basic explanation of the Schultüte, so I don’t have to. We just bought one for Ignatz, when he started first grade. During the Sniglet’s last year at kindergarten*, someone made Swimmy-themed ones for all the departing kids. We still have it, we figured we’d use it when he starts first grade in September, but no. His school got the supplies together and we all got to go in yesterday morning (or one evening this week, which would have been worse) to cut and trace and glue them together while surrounded by shrieking children. Of course I could have said no, but of course he had no interest in Swimmy and one of the themes on offer was the wilden Kerle (the Wild Guys), a kids’ soccer movie franchise thing that is wildly popular here.

So yes, that was the traumatic experience. Doing art-class stuff for two hours while tiny people run and scream and yell and also shriek and give me a headache. My ears were ringing for the rest of the day. Gack. Remind me of this if I ever start making noises about wanting another baby, yeah? Because after that, I really don’t.

* Kindergarten = daycare here, but like everything Germans do, it’s a lot more structured than its American counterpart. Generally, when you leave kindergarten, you start first grade, unless you have to go to the transitional first grade that the Sniglet is in, because you’re not ready for real school but you’ve done the kindergarten thing to death already. So he’s had the whole school send-off already, but now he gets to do it all again.

Song du jour of the day: Twist and Shout. The Beatles version.


One response to “it rains. I live again.

  • amy

    The car is Too Cute. And I have to say, the wilden Kerle look pretty cool, if a little, um, out to kick more than just a soccer ball. My guys would probably love it, from what I can see. Can’t understand a lick of German.

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