Daily Archives: 7 May 2007

anybody know a good rain-dance?

I may have mentioned that it really needs to rain. DrBob has been getting hurt at friday soccer with his friends, just because his usual falls are happening on ground that is less forgiving than usual. And all of April was sunny and beautiful and flowery, but now it’s… not. It’s gray and cloudy and gusty, the air feels heavy like it’s about to rain, but I can usually smell rain coming, and I don’t smell it now. It looks like rain, it feels like rain, there should be rain.

But it’s not raining, and this is wigging me out. I’m twitchy and restless, like a dog before a tornado, this is wrong this is wrong it shouldn’t be like this but it’s been like this for days. And my head aches and my neck muscles are reeeeeeally tense, possibly due in part to um, weather-related air pressure stuff, that affects some people, doesn’t it? But I think it’s mostly emotional, due to the sheer sustained inappropriateness of the weather. And of course, I tend to cope with stress by sleeping, but I can’t sleep because I’m too weirded out

So I have nothing to blog about, because I’ve just been napping and muttering to myself for the past couple days.

Except we bought a car! And I had a traumatic, culture-specific pre-schooler’s mom experience today that I really should tell you about, and I will, just as soon as I can concentrate on anything other than glaring at the sky, willing it to rain.

Song du jour of the day: Let It Rain, by, um, that woman. Whatsername.