so, Ruby!

RuPoohIs done! And was mailed out today, airmail, because I’m generous like that. Also, PostalDude didn’t give me any alternatives. But even if he had, I would have airmailed it. Really. RubyWashed

And I broke my yarn diet – well, actually, I never had any intention of dieting through May, because this is my month to start (and finish) Arwen. I found a nice teal merino, and am trying to ignore the fact that I have about 25 teal sweaters already. This will be my favorite one. It’s not the gauge the recipe calls for, so I will have to do some (gasp!) math, but I’m strong. I can take it.

Also in the works for May: Caspian Sea Socks for my SIL (she whose husband is in the hospital right now with an arm full of shredded glass), and what will be called Find The River Socks – I’m “inventing” the Find The River cable right now. “Inventing” is in quotes because of course there is nothing new in knitting. But I’ve never seen this before, and don’t have it charted anywhere, so I’m having to develop it myself.

The Ruby recipe will get written up someday soon, but I’ve gotten all ambitious and decided I need a site, a place with lucid instructions for everything I’ve come up with so far. This raises the question of how to illustrate stitch patterns – not a problem with Ruby, but for cables and the few fairisle sweaters I’ve done, it must be pondered.

Franklin Habit reviewed some charting software a few months back, and I clicked the link and found out it cost $125. I’m sure it’s worth it, but I don’t tend to spend that much money on things. Around 1988, my friend Theresa said, “Unless it’s real estate, $99 is not ‘on sale’,” and I’ve more or less lived by that principle ever since. What can I say, I grew up poor.

Anyway. Knitting. I have a notebook full of past project documentation, graphs and yarn scraps, photos and patterns. Charting and designing is one of the few things left that I do by hand (I bet I’m the only person in the universe who uses the calculator on my PC) – should I turn that over to the computer too? I already spend a lot of time sitting in front of this thing.

Seriously, I would love it if coffee could just shoot from the computer screen directly into my mouth, but I’m not sure that would really be… healthy. Maybe it would be better if I didn’t spend all my time sitting here, you know?


Song du jour of the day: sure, why not? Find the River, by R.E.M.


5 responses to “so, Ruby!

  • amy

    If you could invent that coffee-spurting monitor, you’d be RICH. RICH, I say, and then you could buy ALL THE YARN you want, and software, too. Rwa-hahahahahaha! (an evil dominating laugh seemed appropriate there somehow)

    I use the calculator on my computer all the time. (Is there something odd about that?)

    And now I’m getting OFF this computer, because the summer issue of Interweave Knits came today and I CAN’T WAIT TO LOOK AT IT!

  • FirstNations

    i read, i asked….she accepted!!
    thanks for turning me on to that, alalalala!

  • Melanie

    Ruby says “Whoot!!!” or she would if she understood about sweaters. It’s gorgeous! Jeez, I hope you have my current address (same old PO box in Vancouver, right?)


  • alala

    Yup, sent it to the same P.O. box. I sure hope it fits. Oh, and I’ll email washing instructions… at some point. Remind me.

  • Jill

    Umm, I use the calculator in the computer always. I always know WHERE IT IS

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