Y’all might remember that we went to my FIL’s 70th birthday party a week and some ago. The BIL, ace photographer that he is, took many stunning photos of my boys, and also had some great shots of the Sniglet’s first real soccer game, which I missed because it was on a Friday which is the day I work, meh. And I’ve been meaning to give him a call and beg for copies, so today I asked Mr Husband for their phone number, and he said: “584. But he’s in the hospital.”

Umm… excuse me?

“Car accident. Last Monday.”

Wha… wha… wubba…

“I sort of wanted to tell you over dinner.”


Minor injuries, buncha glass in his arm, there’s some infection but he’ll be okay. But honestly, who doesn’t tell his own wife that his only brother is in the hospital? I told him when my only brother fell off his roof.


Song du jour of the day: Dress for Success, by Roxette. Just to annoy my husband.


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