SO behind

Technically, my April yarn diet was a success! A very secret success, because telling people I’m doing stuff like that automatically dooms me to failure, for reasons I don’t fully understand. I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy any yarn or accessories last month. Being broke really helped.

Anyway, Ruby came off the needles Sunday, she’s washed and blocked and everything. Pictures tomorrow, pinky swear! (Yes, I have been reading Joss’s blog today, and I’m a total copycat, think of it as a tribute, okay?) Now she just needs to be mailed (Ruby, not Joss. And the sweater, not the baby). I finished the Sniglet’s socks at soccer practice Monday, and Ignatz’s sweater only needs a collar (I asked him what kind he wants, and he said “a black one, stiffened with plastic so it stands up really tall, like past my ears.” Very nice touch on a navy blue cabled sweater). But I’ve totally fallen behind on documenting everything, sorry about that. I’ve been trying to write up instructions on things, but I spend a lot of time staring at my screen, wondering how to start.

Just do it, yes, I know. I’ve been telling myself that for the past couple days. But then everybody updates their blog and I have to go make the rounds. That just takes a few minutes (erm, per blog. And there are 42. I remember that number because it is 1: the Meaning of Life, and 2: the number of our parking space in the underground garage). I can’t start anything that takes more than a few minutes, because I’m just about to get started on the knitting stuff. Really.

I started my new job today. What can I say, four hours of proofreading and translating on the state of the recycling industry. Not my dream job, but flexible and doable and gets me into Munich every so often (as my other job does) while still leaving me time to do something besides work (as my other job does not). DrBob says “urk, four hours, twice a month? it’s not worth it,” and I say “Dude. I made a commitment, I’m not just going to wander off without a good reason. It’s called a work ethic, and you seem to have misplaced yours. Raar.”

Have I mentioned the PMS? Yeah, bitch central here today.

Song du jour of the day: Zombie, by the Cranberries

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