TIME for mixmania!

Two days late! How’s that for theme-appropriate? I should just pretend I did that on purpose, to get you thinking about the importance of time, viz. how annoying it is that I haven’t posted my songlist yet. But no, this blog is not for lying. I don’t tell you everything, but I don’t tell you anything that doesn’t at least seem true while I’m writing it.

So, time. For me it means change, whether personal or social, so it’s kind of about history, one way or another. That’s what I kept in mind while cutting my giant songlist down to the size of one CD. A lot of them turned out to be about hope or nostalgia or sorrow. Let’s see what we ended up with.

  1. Ashes to Ashes / David Bowie
  2. Between the Wars / Billy Bragg
  3. Collapsing Plateaus: Notes for a Future Archeologist / Aveo
  4. (Ein Jahr) Est Geht Voran / Fehlfarben
  5. In This Place / Big Country
  6. L’histoire Continue / Noyau Dur
  7. One More Time / The Clash
  8. Be Still / The Fat Lady Sings
  9. Forever Young / Alphaville
  10. I Still Remember / Bloc Party
  11. Lifetime Piling Up / Talking Heads
  12. Whenever, Wherever / Shakira
  13. Over and Done With / The Proclaimers
  14. Pencil Thin Mustache / Jimmy Buffett
  15. One Fine Day / Natalie Merchant
  16. This Is the Day / The The (it’s on Soul Mining)
  17. Time of Your Life / Green Day (for the record, I liked this before it was the Seinfeld song)
  18. Veinte Anos / Buena Vista Social Club
  19. Time / Tom Waits
  20. With Tomorrow / This Mortal Coil
  21. Wait for Me / Hall & Oates

As always, copies available on request (Vicki, I still don’t have your address for the “Love Is All Around/Maddy’s Mix” CDs).

Song du jour of the day is Wait for Me, by Hall & Oates: what you had to do to get the songlist, ha!

3 responses to “TIME for mixmania!

  • samirah

    your mixes are always so good.

  • PunchBuggyBlues

    Whew, only sent you one thing that you had on your mix. Glad you liked it, hope it got there on time, and the thought crept into my head after I left the post office that I misspelled your last name and I’m really, really sorry if I did.

  • alala

    @sam: aww, it’s sweet of you to say so, but unfortunately not wholly accurate, if anyone remembers my HotHotHot mix (I sure hope not).

    @pbb: yes, it did get here on time, thanks! As for the name, it’s the same way everyone misspells it, so the Postal People know what to do. No worries.

    There was a fair bit of song overlap this time around, wasn’t there?

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