um, hi!

I got a new job today. Just a small one with a magazine, two tuesdays a month at an office plus occasional translations at home. They gave me three things to translate right away, so that’s what I’ll be doing with my weekend.

I’ll try to throw in a knitting post when… when it looks like I will probably manage to get all three translations done by Sunday evening.

Song du jour of the day: Don’t Dream It’s Over, by Crowded House

4 responses to “um, hi!

  • Gabriel


    I love your writings they make me feel good inside.

    Thank you

    Gabriel. M. B

  • Laura F.

    Congratulations! That sounds like fun, the translating. Now if only you had something to wear…:)

  • alala

    Hi Gabriel, welcome aboard. Thanks for the compliment!

    El: you know, they didn’t even ask for my Aufenthaltsgenehmigung or anything (though they did want a native speaker). The key word here seems to be “freiberuflich” – it’s cheaper for the employer, so they’re happy to do it. And keep an eye on the TT employment offered section, I bet you’ll find something.

    Laura, translating, fun. Sometimes it is, I would love to be Doris Dörrie’s or Cornelia Funke’s translator. But I’ll be translating sales presentations and articles for recycling industry pros, describing garbage-sorting robots and the like. On the bright side, the office is all camp-shirts and converse, so finding something to wear should be fairly easy.

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