Daily Archives: 24 April 2007

more on that

Two responses I wanted to get up, but didn’t get around to, on the defensive-moi post: Amy, you are my homeschooling hero, and if we ever move to Rhode Island, I am totally sending my kids to your house for school (be afraid. Be very afraid). But like First Nations, there is no way I could teach them myself. Partly, but not primarily, because it’s not legal here – Bavaria usually leads the nation in school-test-whatever, so you’ll never, ever convince them that anything could be better for a child than their public schools – but mostly because I. Can’t. Teach. Them. Anything. Firstborn is way too much like me, Secondborn is way too much like his father, I am way too much like Hammy the Squirrel.

Hey, even a Superstar has to know her limitations. Continue reading