on autism

Firstly, if you have a moment, watch this video. Doing so will generate 49 cents toward autism research. H/T Kelly.

Then, if you’re interested, check out this article from Wired. I’ll warn you, it’s long. But it addresses a theory I’ve held for quite some time, and I found it very interesting. H/T Chris.

Fascinating. Tragic.


4 responses to “on autism

  • amy

    Well, I’m glad you sent us to the video first, because reading the article made the tears go away. Not that the article is bad. It’s just not as emotional. I have always thought autism had a genetic basis but an environmental trigger. Of course, with that theory, I can just worry about everything.

    Nice redecorating, by the way. So very pretty.

  • Nate

    I’d be interested in your interpretation of how the ‘Wired’ article fits your own situation (vis-a-vis Ignatz).

  • Melanie

    From the article: “It has become commonplace for parents to diagnose themselves as having Asperger’s syndrome, or to pinpoint other relatives living on the spectrum, only after their own children have been diagnosed.”

    In my experience, people often also realize the truth about their spouse once the kid has been diagnosed. I have also had teachers ask me about kids in their class that they think have Asbergers. Wondering how it can go undiagnosed when the kid has all the symptoms. And I say, “well, have you met the dad?” In the family’s culture, if dad is a bit weird, and the kid is only a bit weirder than the dad, it doesn’t make waves within the family and they don’t seek out a diagnosis (why would they when nothing is wrong?). I say dad because the rate of autism spectrum disorders in males is much higher than in females, but sometimes it is a Silicon Valley thing and both parents have some of the puzzle pieces that have resulted in ASD in junior.

    I saw Tony Attwood (referred to a few times in the article, major expert in the field). One of the things he mentioned was that being a librarian is also a good choice for “Asbies” as he calls them. He also loved the audience because Canadians like raunchy humor, he was really feed up with those Puritanical Americans!
    (in case anyone cares, I am a behaviour consultant, working with families who have kids with special needs, including autism)

  • Kel

    Nice redesign, and very interesting article.

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