back and forth

So the London job! Um… there are some wrinkles.

We found out how much he’d earn per month, and it’s enough to live on here, but not enough to keep the family here and work there – a place to live in London, flights back and forth, etc. It would be doable elsewhere, but London is the 5th most expensive city in the world (sez Wikipedia , though other sources place it 3rd or 4th), and the tax system is brutal – it seems to couple Europe’s high taxes with the US’s zero benefits. It’s nowhere near enough money to move the whole family to London. Rent on a 1-bedroom apartment is at least £700 a month, that’s more than the payments on our house here.

So if he takes the job, living will cost more than he makes. After a year, our savings would be completely used up, and that if we stop buying organic food, new music, books, toys, clothes (let’s hope the boys don’t grow much in the coming year) – in short, needs must be met as cheaply as possible, and wants, not at all.

If he doesn’t, we’re safe until the end of the year. That’s when the contract on his current job runs out, and if he hasn’t gotten any other offers, he’ll be jobless. He’ll still be teaching for LMU, but they don’t pay. I mean that literally: a lot of university teachers in Germany are teaching for free. Yes, really. It keeps him active professionally, prevents a career-destroying hole in his resumé, so he’d have to do it, but we’d be on unemployment.

He might get another offer in the next 8 months. Or, he might not. There’s no way to know. We’ve been wrangling for days – I tend to be more optimistic than he is, but he’s the one who has all the facts, at the moment.

So. We are standing on the edge of a cliff. Do we jump now, and hope we sprout wings on the way down? Or do we stay up here, safe until December, and then fall?


One response to “back and forth

  • Kel

    You know me- I always say go for it. But then, I never think things through and I have a terrible amount of wanderlust, so I don’t know if I would pay any attention to me.


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