all silver lining, no cloud

Well the weather has been magnificent, for as long as I can remember (I can remember about six days, at the most – anything beyond that might just as well have happened to someone else). Perfect, like the Heaven in that Albert Brooks movie, 73° and sunny, all the time, with a breeze to keep it getting too hot, and all the plants in a riot of bloom. Even in the city, the air smells like flowers. It is all very beautiful, and I am enjoying it very much, and it does seem churlish to complain, but.

It’s not raining. At all. It’s April, and people are watering their lawns, not at all normal for this time of year. There’ve been forest fires to the southwest of us. And remember that unusually mild winter we had? Yeah, minimal snow (another winter like that will put more than a few ski resorts out of business, I’m guessing), so now there’s no meltwater – very strange, this close to the alps. I guess it’s good in one sense: the city is doing massive work on the river, because despite our extensive canals and very large overflow pond, we missed out on last year’s floods by like an inch, and they’re finding it fairly easy work since there’s no water to get in the way, but still. It’s kind of hard not to worry, a bit. But then it’s also weird to fuss when everything looks so joyful.

Song du jour of the day: Electrolite, by R.E.M.


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