I feel boring

rubypoohI’m not bored, mind, I just don’t have any news or opinions or insights at the moment. But I do have a photo and some admittedly vague knitting instructions. Pooh was kind enough to sit and model Ruby So Far, and only mentioned once that it’s a bit loose here and there. I had to tell him that it wasn’t actually for him, to which he replied, “Oh. Well, that’s all right, then.” But I think he sounded a bit put out. I’ll have to knit something for him next. Maybe some pants.

Right. Ruby, the five-hour baby sweater with a short-row sort-of V-neck, and sized for a one-year-old. I mean, I made my calculations based on the measurements of the actual almost-one-year-old who will receive it, but the actual knitted item looks enormous to me. I don’t have any children that size in my life, though. Maybe I’ve just forgotten how big they are. Or, maybe she’ll just have to wait till she’s four to wear it. Either way.

Anyway, I will make a real page with the pattern on it, the way I did with the 5-hour baby sweater, once I’ve got it done. That seems less haphazard than tossing them into the occasional blog entry, as I did with the Hanna sweater. But the basic instructions are to re-size the five-hour baby sweater for a bigger child; to knit the neck ribbing (or in this case, 2 rows of purl, 1 row *k2tg, yo*, 1 row knit, 1 row purl) in the round; work short rows over the shoulders until they meet at the back; and then work short rows around the back and shoulders for longer than you would think necessary, until they meet in the front. It also needed a series of decreases, as it turned out, to keep some sides from increasing too fast in relation to others, and still get the Vee deep enough. That’s why I had to knit it 9 times to get it right. Oh, and purl every tenth row or so, for some texture-stripes, which will make the sweater extra-huggy. Which is wholly unnecessary for this particular baby since she’s already so darn cute, but hey. Overkill. It’s my middle name.

Photo notes:

  1. Got the focus more or less okay this time, but the camera just doesn’t capture the depth and vibrance of the color.
  2. That said, this yarn is also not quite as intense as the sample-strand of the same name, which is what inspired me to order two skeins, but oh well.
  3. Vicki, you are miles better at taking pictures than I am, could you please knit something with your Wollmeise yarn and take a picture so that people can see? Because I don’t think they get just why I’m so excited about it.

Song du jour of the day: Blue Light, by Bloc Party.

5 responses to “I feel boring

  • landismom

    No, I think you should do a sweater like this for Pooh–he doesn’t wear pants, does he?

    It’s very cute.

  • amy

    The v-neck is beautiful. Entirely worth the 9 tries to get it right. Easy for me to say, of course, since you’ll generously be sharing your pattern, and I’ll only have to knit it once. :)

  • Melanie

    We. Are. So. Excited.
    Ruby is big (for an 11 month old baby, small for a person), so larger is safer.
    EeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeee, cool sweater in the works.
    Thank you!!!!

  • jacynth

    quick qn please – what size is your 5hbs for? i’m thinking of starting it for a newborn…
    great pattern btw! i’m so pleased to find a nice modern non froufrou version of the 5hbs..

  • alala

    Oops, I should check my comments more often. Okay, the 5hbs was intended to be newborn-sized, but babies come in a fairly wide range of sizes, it turns out. I’d guess it’s probably about 3-month sized.

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