oh, bliss

After 9 – nine! – short-row V-neck yokes knitted on increasingly tatty scrap yarn, I have the pattern, and I cast on for Ruby today. I had actually forgotten how pettable and squishy and fun the Wollmeise yarn is. More houseguests tomorrow (Nigel left yesterday night), through tuesday, and then I can focus on this for two blessed days. Yay.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a non-blurry photo of it, even with the flash. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Song du jour of the day: I Second That Emotion, by Smokey Robinson


2 responses to “oh, bliss

  • Melanie

    Ruby says “YAY!!!”
    Ruby’s mama says: We went to see Arlo Guthrie last night and it was so cool. He did every song I would wish him to do and plenty of meandering storytelling.

    So, everyone go on into the nearest government office and sing “Alice’s Restaurant”. Please.

  • vicki

    I NEED to see a picture of it! And yes, it is divine wool. I think I need to become the North American distributor for it, yes?

    “You can get anything you want (excepting Alice!)…”

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