knitting update

Hard to type and knit at the same time, but I manage somehow. What I don’t find time for is editing, so this will not be very concise. Sorry.

kcablesStill slogging away on Ignatz’s sweater. I’m nearly done with both sleeves, and hating the sweater madly – as I always do by the time I’ve gotten to the sleeve-ends. I thought of making this one a sweater-vest, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sweater-vests are just too damn preppy. Anyway, it’ll be done soon. That’s my living-room, tv-watching, large and heavy project. It’s very dark yarn, and I suck at this digital photography thing. Remind me to ask my brother-in-law for help, he’s good at taking pictures.

snig1 My small, portable project is a second pair of socks for the Sniglet. These photos are of the first pair, but this one is quite similar: rainbow yarn and yellow toes and heels, but otherwise the same. I have so much sock yarn, and I haven’t made socks in years. Gotta use that up. I have a brown cotton… purse-thing, with ink-stains, not very attractive. snig1-2But it is now my mini-knitting-bag, to throw over my shoulder with my purse as I head out the door, so I can knit en route. Makes me walk a lot slower.

So that means I need a third project for when I sit at my computer and listen to podcasts, so it’s past time to get on the promised sweater for Ruby. This is another design process, and it’s being tricky, mostly due to my stubborn need to re-invent the wheel. I’d bet you ten cents (whoa, Nelly!) there’s something about it in my Maggie Righetti book, but have I even checked? Nooooo, because I’m stubborn. And I know I can do this.

take6I’m on take 6. Good thing I decided to do this with scrap yarn first, instead of messing up my lovely red Wollmeise yarn, eh? Because I knew this would happen. I’m documenting it all in an increasingly messy text file, which I may not even be able to read by the time I have a working sweater. The mission here is a basic five-hour baby sweater, only with a v-neck shaped by short rows, so the neck-ribbing can be something other than moss stitch. It sounds terrifically simple, but it’s turning out to be quite challenging, as you can see from the fact that I’m on my sixth attempt.

But I think I’ve got it now (yay!) and I can start casting on tomorrow – oh wait, I have to work… Friday – oh drat, social engagements. Saturday? Yeah, probably Saturday. Very exciting.

arwenteal Oh! Almost forgot: Arwen is still a swatch. I’m thinking of investigating that Malabrigo store before I make any final decisions. The color is actually considerably deeper in real life.

Song du jour of the day: London Calling, by the Clash. (Yes, he said he’ll accept the job.)


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