Daily Archives: 4 April 2007

knitting update

Hard to type and knit at the same time, but I manage somehow. What I don’t find time for is editing, so this will not be very concise. Sorry.

kcablesStill slogging away on Ignatz’s sweater. I’m nearly done with both sleeves, and hating the sweater madly – as I always do by the time I’ve gotten to the sleeve-ends. I thought of making this one a sweater-vest, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sweater-vests are just too damn preppy. Anyway, it’ll be done soon. That’s my living-room, tv-watching, large and heavy project. It’s very dark yarn, and I suck at this digital photography thing. Remind me to ask my brother-in-law for help, he’s good at taking pictures. Continue reading