Daily Archives: 2 April 2007

in which I ponder implications

Well they couldn’t reach him, so they called me to ask me to ask him to call them so they could offer him the job. When I did reach him he sounded a bit… flustered. I just picked him up from the airport, and I’m flustered too. Happy. Proud. Relieved. It was my decision to come back here to Germany, and I’ve wondered for, oh, nearly six years now if, in doing so, I had fatally sabotaged his career. He hasn’t accepted yet, he has until Wednesday to make a decision, but I will of course encourage him to take the job. Continue reading

thoughts, while I wait for my hair to dry

DrBob comes home tomorrow! He was leading a panel at the um, German Hispanicists’ Conference (it’s catchier in German) in Dresden, and then had to fly straight to London from there for a job interview. I’ll pick him up from the airport tomorrow around 11 p.m. Continue reading