apparently not sick

Well, the blood test and chest x-rays say there’s nothing wrong with me. A lot they know. I keep forgetting I’m sick until I have to stop and rest after climbing seven steps. Damn these tall skinny German houses. The doc did give me something to get the slime out of my lungs, and something to suppress the cough at night so I can sleep. She also told me to sleep a lot (she clearly does not have children) and prescribed this stuff called Umckaloabo, which, it turns out, is German for echinacea, which in turn is Greek for “I’ll teach you to waste a doctor’s precious time, you malingering sack of self-pity. Drink this, ha ha ha ha ha!”

In other news, our houseguest, Nigel, is teaching Ignatz how to play guitar, and the Sniglet wants to learn too. I hope this takes off. They need a hobby.

And things are quiet on the knitting front because I am in knitting exile: I have to get those dratted sleeves finished on Ignatz’s sweater before I can do anything else. I think I’ve decided I hate knitting sleeves in the round, more than I hate sewing seams. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Song du jour of the day: Still, Still, Still (link has sound), which is a Christmas carol but at the moment it expresses my inclination quite well: Don’t move. Be quiet.

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