• 2 sweaters hand-washed and drying on the rack
  • 3 loads of laundry done, and one more still in the washer. It’s only one item, but it’s a rug, so bleah. All 3 done loads still have to be folded.
  • 1 downstairs bathroom, sparkly-clean
  • 1 pair of Sniglet socks all knitted. Still have to snip and tuck the second sock, and wash/block them, as I promised he could wear them tomorrow. I’ve already started another pair with yarn he chose (the red and the “fizzy” yarn (he means busy)).
  • Snape Analysis: check
  • Blame it on Paris: finished. Awww…
  • Banana bread: baked, cooled, and snarfed. I should have named both my sons “Hoover.”
  • The dirt tracked in by 7 or 8 workmen over two consecutive snowy days: all cleaned up.
  • Dinner: simmering.
  • The sound files thing: half-figured out. Will definitely check with Kel. Sometime. Soon.
  • Oh, and the thing I’ve been thinking and reading about lately can be described, I suppose, as the intersection of gender and race – it kind of came up when I was thinking about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the issues that are going to surface around their contest for candidacy, though I’ve beein pondering this stuff for a lot longer than that. But it occurs to me that it’s probably going to be time to have something to say, instead of just chasing my own tail about it. And so of course the reason I haven’t written about it is that it’s all becoming too complex for my tiny brain. But I think I’ve found some help, via Bumblebee Sweet Potato.

Have I mentioned that I’m sick today? I didn’t even stagger out of bed until 11:30, and I’m basically functioning with one eye closed. How soon can I reasonably go back to bed?

It’s daylight savings day! That means half the clocks in the house are wrong, including the one in the kitchen. So dinner will be at 7 today. But it’ll feel like 6!

And bedtime will feel like the special hell devised for bad mamas.

Song du jour of the day: Welcome to my Country, by Brainstorm

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