coming soon

OH my goodness, I have SO. MUCH. TO DO! I need to get my Snape Analysis up, and tell/show you what I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about lately (which is why I haven’t been writing), and I have to make banana bread before the bananas turn to little tar pits, and post my Paris photos, and Laura just tagged me for a really fun meme (consider yourself tagged. Go do it right now. I mean it) and speaking of Laura, I have to do all this one-handed because that book she wrote? I can’t put it down. I’m serious, I love this book, though I can’t decide whether it’s because it’s so relevant to my life (amen, marrying a handsome foreigner is hella more difficult than you thought – go kiss your husband for being a nice, uncomplicated Yankee – although we only had the one wedding. Of course, Laura didn’t have to go to Denmark to get married, so I think I can claim a few complexity points there) or because it’s really funny and clever and well-written. I’ll go with both, and it’s not at all because Laura looks like Veronica Lake, because that would be superficial. Also, the 7-8 guys who spent Wednesday and Thursday replacing our heater tracked in a whole lot of dirt, and my cleaning lady is out of town. I keep waiting for the housework fairies to take care of it, but they clearly didn’t get the memo. And Amy sent me a list of stores that sell Malabrigo yarn and one of them, I swear, is like 40 minutes away! What are the odds? I have to go there. Oh, and last night a guy said “You make websites? Really? Can you include sound files?” and I said “Probably” so there’s that to learn. I bet it’s not hard. And now that it’s winter again, I should do something about eleventy hundred slightly-dirty sweaters waiting to be handwashed – ooo! Guess what! You know how you always talk about turning into your mother? Well, I did you one better! I turned into my grandma! That’s right, I have a sink in my basement now! The heater-guys put it there. It totally makes me feel like I’ve Arrived.

I’m so easy to please.

Go read this. But don’t laugh. It could be you next time.

4 responses to “coming soon

  • Laura Florand

    I just love this Veronica Lake thing. I am running with it as far as I can.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Blame It on Paris! You were SMART to do one wedding, however, Denmark, hmm…I would have picked Tahiti if I were you. I’m just saying.

    Have you told the Denmark story on your blog somewhere I could find?

  • amy

    I’m sorry, I laughed at the headline. I could be a better person, I know. Good luck with your to-do list! I can’t wait to see the Snape Analysis. I’m off to finish socks so I can post the pattern, and buy more ink so my printer doesn’t dig in its heels and refuse to cooperate with me.

    Laura’s book IS good, isn’t it?? :)

  • Melanie

    “unharmed with sticky clothes”, not a bad ending for poor old dude on the roof, I would wish that as an ending for my serious mishaps.

  • Kel

    sound files = easy. You know you can ask me any time!

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