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We knew when we bought the house that the heating system would have to be replaced: it’s 25 years old, the previous owner warned us, etc. We decided we’d do it in spring, when it was warm and we didn’t need heat or hot water for the two days it would take, but due to a few sets of crossed signals (once we forgot to call them, once they forgot us, I don’t know what happened the other time) during the month when it was so fabulously sunny and warm and wonderful, they came (by appointment) today. To leave our doors open and us without heat for six hours. Now that it’s winter again. Sigh.

Lucky for me, I got to go work in Munich! And all I did was work today, so I’ll just pass you over to a few more interesting things.

Why don’t more people write movie reviews like this?

Bwaaahahaha! Welcome to Bavaria! Yep, that is pretty much what it’s like here.

You know, one of the things Euroskeptics are worried about is that all the different European countries will lose their individual identity and become one big monocultural blob. I’d say it’s not time to worry yet: I doubt that anyone not from Romania would ever have come up with something like this.

And finally, I do not have nearly enough regular commenters to get anything really good going, but I also don’t have any better place to ask these questions, so here goes:

  1. Severus Snape: Good? Or evil?
  2. Would those of us who want him to be good care even remotely as much if he were not played by Alan Rickman (*swooooon*) in the movies?


10 responses to “random stuff

  • amy


    Perhaps wants to be good.

    Conflicted. (Him and me both, clearly.)

  • samirah

    i let my friend pierce my lip in the bathroom of our dorm with a needle we stole from the chem lab. it’s horribly infected now as a surprise to no one. that is all.

  • samirah

    p.s. inherently good but outwardly evil?

  • esiotrot

    Oh, dear! I was coming by to visit and then I was stabbed with guilt- you wrote me a note and I didn’t answer it! I’m so sorry! The wool came in great time- very fast- and I ordered 3 full skeins, worsted weight, plus all the samples and the ship was 12.00 US so that was fine. Something else. Oh! I would love one of your mixes but only as you have time- I’ll answer the e-mail with address. Thanks for the bluebell hat details and you did the kimono! It’s lovely. So- in the mail today, I received almost 1700 meters of alpaca and llama I had spun into yarn- all lovely shades of gray and off white and brown. The woman who did it only charged 103.00 including shipping but it took 9 months till she got to my order so I had forgotten about it- a pleasant surprise, just in time for warm weather when I won’t feel like knitting with heavy wool. Happy Spring! I hope your heat, solar or furnace, is back up and running.

  • vicki

    Esiotrot! (That’s tortoise spelled backwards. The Snarl wrote a book in second grade called Esiotrot Summer so now it turns up as passwords and logins in various forms.) It’s really me, Vicki.

  • Melanie

    Good. People are imperfect, man. He is disliked by others in the book, but we only have direct evidence of him being mean in a small pathetic way to the students, we can’t brand him as “evil” just for that. He’s not even that screwed up, for a teacher. I have only seen one of the movies (and under duress, if I read and enjoy the book, I usually refuse to see the movie as they always annoy me). I did not swoon. Not even a little bit.

    Now here’s my issue, are we ever EVER going to find out what Snape did to prove to Dumbledore that he is no longer on the side of You Know Who???? Anyone else been annoyed by this? Ol’ J.K. better not leave me hanging on that one. By the by….you mentioned before that you are worried that J.K. saying “no more Harry” means she will kill him off, I think she just means she won’t be writing him anymore after the 7th book. Good choice on her part, quit while the books are still great.

    I await book 7…..

  • Kel

    Good. And yes, its totally because its Alan Rickman. MMMMM- Alan Rickman.

    And that movie review was GENIUS>

  • Odie

    I think Snape is necessary in order for Harry to be able to defeat HWMNBN. I think he’s a reformed bad guy, who has the background to teach Harry what he needs to know. As for the second part, probably not. He’s pretty delish.

  • FirstNations

    i tend to like my bad guys bad. so i hope he’s evil. nothing more pathetic than a last minute turn-around by a baddie.

    i am SO going to see 300 now. wotta review!!!!

  • Laura Florand

    Trying to be good but it’s hard work and not making any effort at all to be nice. Not a nice guy & doesn’t like Harry much. Also, if he’s playing a double-bluff with the Dark Lord, he might JUST feel Harry gets all the glory for something a lot easier than his own job.

    I believe in Snape. And Dumbledore.

    Sébastien seconds 300. Loved it. I haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet.

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