When I woke up this morning, it was snowing.

Snow. Ing.

Be proud of me: I did not scream, even though I really, really wanted to.

Now I wish I’d spent more time rhapsodizing about the beautiful weather we had for oh, about three weeks – I was too busy being unable to believe it. But if I had, you might understand just what it is I’ve lost, and how much anguish this causes me. Me and my Chuck Taylor All-Stars, because no, I still haven’t found suitable boots.

Anyway, um, there will be photos of Paris in gloomy weather soon. When I find the camera, which will be around the time I unpack – not tomorrow, because I have to go into Munich to teach an intern how to do my job (it’s part of the deal, we get a break on the rent, and we teach interns the basics of running our operation, and hope we are not training our eventual replacements – just kidding on that last one), so that’s the whole day shot. Thursday? After the gym? Hope so, but by then I may have forgotten that I was in Paris at all. Coming home hits me that way.

Though I do have a dandy book! I love to read novels (or similar) that are relevant to where I’m going (have to be flexible on that, though – when we went to Crete I read Mary Stewart’s This Rough Magic, which is about Corfu, and The Tempest (yes, I read Shakespeare for fun, and I’m not even an English major; you knew I was weird, you just didn’t know how weird), which is about… well, probably not Crete. And some other books which I have now forgotten. But I digress.), so I ordered Blame It on Paris well before we left, and it arrived today. Yes, the day after we got back. Sigh. Now it’ll just make me sad, except of course that I love Laura’s writing and good writing is always a reason to be joyful. Okay, so it’ll make me ambivalent, which is my natural state.

I am currently trying to resolve a dilemma in the Ruby sweater by thinking about it, and I don’t want to start work on it (the sweater) until I have it (the dilemma) resolved (specifically, I’d like to make the basic 5-hour baby sweater but with a v-neck in the front and back, so it’s reversible, but I want to knit the collar and use short-row shaping instead of making two sides and cutting the yarn. I prefer to do as little cutting as possible), and anyway, I’m in the home stretch on the Sniglet’s socks, and I really ought to knuckle down and get Ignatz’s sweater done. It’s taking too long.

Song du jour of the day: This Love, by Maroon 5.


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