Fixed the 5-hour baby sweater link, sorry about that. I also fixed a few typos, and in doing so, I noticed that there is no size information in the pattern at ALL. Sheesh. Well, it’s, you know, newborn-sized. Basically. I can’t measure it because I gave it to the baby. The chest circumference at the widest part is 103 stitches, I think, which, if the gauge is correct, means 23 inches or 58 cm, which sounds about right.

So that’s taken care of. I’d like to get those other two patterns up before we go. Yesterday was spent planning the Paris trip, squinting at maps, calculating costs, reading pamphlets and stuff – yep, I have everything from our last trip to Paris, yay for packrats! I do happen to know of one yarn shop (warning: self-made site, and ample testimony to the real need for real designers out there in webworld) in the Marais, but it’s closed on sundays, which is our Marais-day, so we’ll have to see about that. I may also try to find this one.

Also need to make a post-office trip and buy the Sniglet some shoes today. Oh, and agh, there’s the parent meety-thing for his kindergarten. Wow, this is such a bad time for this. Urk, you know what? I think I’ll skip it. I have enough to do.

Like pack. Tomorrow is work-all-day-in-Munich day, and our flight is pretty early, so today really is the last day to get ready for the trip. Oh gack, and Marina’s coming tomorrow isn’t she, so the house has to be tidy. Yes, we clean for the cleaner, because she’s not here to organize our lives. Her job is to clean the floors, so we need to make sure she can get at them.

One thing that is most emphatically NOT on my to-do list is “get sick,” but I appear to be doing that anyway. Drat.

Song du jour of the day: La Vie en Rose, by Edith Piaf. No, I will probably not go see the movie.

Update: We went to the shoestore, and again a son of mine has declined the Converse high-tops with skulls all over them. It is inexplicable. Where did I go wrong?


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