Maddy’s Bluebell Hat

Maddy's Bluebell Hat Okay, it’s 10:30, I’m coming down with a cold, and I still have a lot to do before I can get to bed, so this is a quick n’ dirty copy-paste of the notes I took while I was designing the hat. Please ask questions if you don’t understand something, and I’ll try to clean it up when I get back from Paris.

One important point is that I don’t turn-and-purl, I knit in reverse, and the instructions reflect that. On the even-numbered back-and-forth rows where I say “knit,” I mean knit from left to right, so you’ll probably want to purl. Although if you feel even remotely ready to try knitting in reverse, I really recommend it.

This one used some chenille from my stash, probably mostly polyester, though the labels were gone so I can’t say for sure. My needles were probably size 8 (5mm), because that’s what I usually use. And I didn’t measure it, but it turned out to fit one 18-month-old girl. The hat has 5 leaves and 5 petals, each pattern repeat worked on one double-pointed needle. So I was working with six needles. That turned out to be… difficult, and I switched to two circulars about halfway down the leaves, just to save my own sanity.

Maddy’s Bluebell Hat

Cast on 4 stitches
Knit 7 rows i-cord
0. K2, yo, k2; put on 3 needles = 5s
1. *yo, k1* around = 10s
all even rows 2-20: k around
3. *k1, yo, k1* around. put each set on one needle = 15
5. k1, yo, k2 around = 20s
7. k1, yo, k3 around = 25s
9. k1, yo, k4 around = 30s
11. k1, yo, k5 around = 35s
13. k1, yo, k6 around = 40
15. k1, yo, k7 around = 45
17. k1, yo, k8 around = 50
19. k1, yo, k9 around = 55
21. slip first stitch, k across to last 2, ssk = 10
now, turn the work, or knit backwards. From here, each leaf is worked separately
22. and all even rows through 40, slip the first, k across
23. repeat row 21 = 9
25. ditto. = 8
27. ditto. = 7
29. ditto. = 6
31. ditto. = 5
33. ditto. = 4
35. ditto. = 3
37. ditto. = 2
39. ditto. = 1
Pick up one stitch in each selvedge along the left edge. should be 10, including the last stitch from row 39.
repeat 21-30 for each leaf
Now we start the petals in purple.
row 1: pick up one stitch at the lowest point between leaves. pick up another one in the right selvedge edge to the left. = 2
row 2: sl1, k together the starter-stitch and the first green stitch. = 2
row 3: sl1, k1, pick up a stitch in the right edge of the leaf to the left. = 3
row 4: sl1, k, k together the last stitch and the next green stitch. = 3
work back and forth, slipping the first stitch on each row.
at the end of each odd (knit) row, pick up another stitch from the leaf to the left.
at the end of each even (purl, or knit-back) row, k the last purple stitch together with the first green stitch.
do this until you have 10 purple stitches, leave the last green one at the point of the leaf. we’ll do that one later.

knit along the saved stitches on the next leaf-edge.
pick up one stitch right in the middle, and another one in the left-leaf selvedge edge. work back, knitting the first stitch together with the edge-stitch on the right petal, as above.

continue until all 5 petals are started and there are 55 stitches on the needles.
*k 10, yo, purl at the petal point (the green stitch), yo* around. = 65
knit around for, oh, about 19 rows.

1. knit across a petal, not including the purl,
2. and then go back.
3. sl1, k2tg, k across = 11
4. even
5. sl 1, k across, ssk, k = 10
6. even
7. sl1, k2tg, k across = 9
8. even
9. sl 1, k across, ssk, k = 8
10. even
11. sl1, k2tg, k across = 7
12. sl1, k2tg, k, ssk, k = 5
13. k2tg, k, ssk = 3
14. k the middle stitch, pass the outside stitches over = 1
slip-stitch down the side (a crochet hook is your friend here)
slip the purl stitch too, and the first stitch of the next petal.

now repeat for the next petal. woo!

I see why people don’t knit like this: it’s quite easy to do, but hard to describe.


3 responses to “Maddy’s Bluebell Hat

  • amy

    Oh, my gosh, so cute! Thanks for all the patterns! And have a wonderful weekend in Paris, and please tell about the food and sights so I can live vicariously through you. 🙂 (I’ve been there, ages ago, but for now my vacations are limited to ‘where can we get to in the car with the kids so it’s not too much money?’ Hence, Boston next month.)

  • Michelle

    I absolutely ADORE that hat!!! Very cute, love the design.

    Have a great trip!!!

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    […] Toes booties, for a friend whose baby girl is due July 8th. I’ll make a newborn version of Maddy’s Bluebell Hat to go with them. I am currently feeling very uninspired by my sock yarn, which is very sad, because […]

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