Hanna, finished

Hanna sweater, finishedSo, last entry, I was working on the left sleeve, and I got as far as decreasing at row 45. So:

  • knit to row 48
  • row 49, purl 2, p2tg across = 19 stitches
  • Cut the yarn.
  • Channel-island cast on 19, knit 2 rows (garter stitch)
  • Okay, it gets a bit fiddly here: Kitchener the cuff to the sleeve, with the purl-side of the last-knit rows facing out. That kitchener row will form the knit-row for the garter-stitch cuff. Does that make sense? Also, that row really needed to be tightened up once I had it finished.
  • Mattress-stitch the sleeve closed. For the side, unzip the provisional cast-on, and do a 3-needle bind-off for 19 stitches. Bind off the next two stitches on each side separately, then 3-needle bind-off the last four. That makes the hole for the tie to pass through.
  • Do the other side just like that.
  • Pick up the right front stitches from their holder, starting at the neck end. Purl (or knit backward) into and bind off the first five. Purl across, come back.
  • Bind off the first four. P across, come back.
  • Bind off the first three…
  • Bind off the first two…
  • Continue binding off the first two stitches of each purl-row for, um… awhile. Until there are 16 stitches left on the needle.
  • P2tg every other row (at the neck end) until there are six stitches left. Put them on a holder.
  • Do the same for the left front, start at the neck end, follow the same decrease pattern. When there are six stitches left, do a single crochet edge all around the front and neck, starting with the six stitches on a holder.
  • Tuck in ends, sew ribbon to each little 6-stitch front edge there. On the side of the front that will wrap under, thread that ribbon through the side-seam hold on the opposite side. All done!

Note: for ties, I-cord should work just as well. That was my first idea, but I ran out of yarn.

Okay? Please let me know if something’s unclear, I don’t write a lot of patterns, so I really appreciate feedback. Also let me know if you make this, I’d be really curious to see other versions. And at some point I’ll squeeze all these entries into a single pattern-page, and post a link to that. Somewhere.

Song du jour of the day: Katherine, Katherine, by Steinwolke


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