Daily Archives: 13 March 2007

knitting inventory

Okay, Hanna is done, I’ll finish typing up the instructions and post those and the last photos tomorrow.

The second toe-up sock for the Sniglet is on the needles, I have about two inches of that done. That’s for the trip to Paris, since I don’t want to have to carry too much. No, I am not planning to knit a lot in Paris, that’s why I’m only bringing a child’s sock to work on. But there’s time to kill on the flights to and from. Continue reading

In which I briefly stray into politics

Disclaimer 1: I do think about politics and have opinions, but I don’t blog on them often because I feel that before I publish something I have a responsibility to know, and to show that I know, all the angles. And I don’t usually have time to do the research. I have a lot of opinions based on something “I read somewhere,” and that’s valid enough to hold the opinion, but it’s not a solid argument. Continue reading