Hanna, part 2

Right, progress so far. Yesterday I finished the right sleeve, with 48 rows. Here’s a photo of where I am now: almost halfway through the left sleeve.
Hanna in progress
Aaand here’s how I got there:

  • On the other needle, cast on 23, using the Invisible Crochet Cast On I, as described by Eunny Jang – you’ll have to scroll down to the second cast-on method there.
  • Purl into those 23 cast-on stitches. Or knit, if you knit backwards like me. This provisional cast-on will unzip from the armpit downwards. Consider this row 1 of the right front.
  • Row 2, knit across front and sleeve. Again on the empty needle, cast on 23 with the Invisible Crochet Cast On I. Knit 23 into that cast-on row, which again will unzip from the armpit. Note that the front of the sweater has 1 extra row. That’s okay.
  • There should now be 83 stitches on the needles. Work even for 3 inches, or 20 rows (counting on the front side), finishing at the end of a knit row.
  • Purl (or knit backwards) 41 stitches. place the remaining 42 on a holder. Knit those 41 back stitches up even for 5 inches, or 35 rows. Oops, gauge change: looks like my gauge is actually 6 rows/inch, instead of the 7 I was getting with entrelac. don’t know why, but 5 inches of back is about 30 rows, so we’ll do that. Also my sleeves’ll be a bit longer than anticipated, but I think that’s more or less okay.
  • Row 30 should be a knit row, so purl (or knit backwards) across, then cast on 42 stitches on the other end of the needle for the left front. Purl (or knit backwards) across those: this’ll unzip from the neck down.
  • Work even for 19 rows. On row 20, knit along front and sleeve, place back (23) stitches on holder. Back is 68 rows high.
  • Purl (or knit back) 37, place front (23) stitches on holder. Think of this as row 2 on the sleeve, and knit down to the wrist, decreasing once at each end of rows 5, 13, 21, 29, 37, 45

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