Daily Archives: 11 March 2007

in other news…

DrBob turns 41 tomorrow! I think I have the present thing figured out – nothing big and flashy, but a few things he’ll like. Buying presents for grown-ups is hard, because they can usually just get whatever they want for themselves. Continue reading

Hanna, part 2

Right, progress so far. Yesterday I finished the right sleeve, with 48 rows. Here’s a photo of where I am now: almost halfway through the left sleeve.
Hanna in progress Continue reading

the Hanna sweater

I ran across this blog called Create Along. It’s sort of like the Knit Along blogs, only members document the process of creating new things, rather than all following a pattern or theme. I love the idea, and I’d’ve loved to join, but one of the rules is that you can only create using certain yarns, all of which are only available in North America – essentially a no-foreigners clause. I’m sure that’s not what the moderators intended, but it’s what they did, so boo hiss. Continue reading