Daily Archives: 7 March 2007

that’s the stuff

Oy, Melanie: Check this out.

Also, look what came in the mail today! Woot! rhubarbnpoppy.png Isn’t it bee-yooo-tee-ful? Those will be Hanna and Ruby’s sweaters, very soon (Psst! Melanie! Measure your baby around the middle please! I need a chest circumference! Thanks!), and Claudia threw in a little twist of “Frog” with a feather in it, and a test-thingy of sock yarn in the most fabulous purple EVAH! The Frog yarn was pure generosity, but the sock yarn? Claudia, you… you yarn-pusher! It’s totally going to work, too. I love that sock yarn.

Umm, anything else going on in my life. Probably, but who cares? I’ve got new yarn!

Song du jour of the day: Perfect Gentleman, by Wyclef Jean