well that was horrible

Grueling is a good word. Because academic texts don’t really flow, there’s all these parentheses and footnotes and quotes in foreign languages. At first I was able to take breaks but then I realized that I shouldn’t have taken so many, because it was 9pm and I still had 100 pages to go and so then I tried to plow through it and didn’t finish until 2am but still had to get up at 7 and blagh.

at least it’s over now!

Well, not really. This was just the text for the readers, none of whom is a native English speaker, I don’t think, which means they won’t be tripped up by phrases that sort of get the point across, but don’t sound quite right. So I have a .txt file full of tricky bits that need to be cleaned up before he submits it for publication. And, I didn’t do the bibliography because I can’t even tell you how much I hate proofreading bibliographies, the only thing worse is proofing bibliographies on a deadline, so I’ve saved that for… later. Which means I should be doing it today. Also running that website I made through the W3C validator. And getting my own site up and running, and advertising my services around town, and also cleaning up around here because the wonderfulness that the cleaner wrought last Friday did not survive the weekend.

What I actually did today was sleep until noon (after I took the Sniglet to school) and then start and unravel the same sock three times.

Tomorrow I will get something done. Something.

Song du jour of the day: Such a Scream, by Tom Waits


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