mystery music and secret hat

Diske the Firste:

  1. Elektro Vakuum by Madrugada. But not this Madrugada.
  2. The Way We Talk by A-Ha
  3. I Knew You Were Waiting For Me by Aretha Franklin and George Michael, right up there with Bing Crosby and David Bowie in the “huh?” files. This song makes me laugh, every time I hear it. What can I say, I’m simple folk.
  4. Cose Della Vita by Eros Ramazzotti and Tina Turner! Speaking of weird duets…
  5. His Lamest Flame by Mary Lou Lord. Ew, the girl who doesn’t know it’s over. I’ve been this girl. It was a long time ago.
  6. Mayor of Simpleton by XTC
  7. Good Weekend by Art Brut. Ah, first love. Hee hee.
  8. Find Another Girl by the Hives. Women are replaceable…
  9. Coin-Operated Boy by the Dresden Dolls … so are men
  10. Right By Your Side by Eurythmics
  11. Pure by the Lightning Seeds
  12. Suo Gan old Welsh Lullaby. You might remember the tune from the opening scenes of Empire of the Sun. This version is by Tudor Morgan.
  13. Night Train by Rickie Lee Jones
  14. Gente Che Spera by Articolo 31 and J.Ax.
  15. Anything Can Happen by Jackson Browne
  16. Love Turned Upside Down by Fat Lady Sings
  17. This Modern Love by Bloc Party.
  18. Please Call Me, Baby by Tom Waits. The first Tom Waits song I ever heard, incidentally.
  19. Solo Por Miedo by Maria Salgado.

Also, when I found out who my victim match was, I made a second disk for his daughter. Um, because the case has room for two discs in it?

Diske the Seconde: Maddy’s Mix

  1. Tom Traubert’s Blues by Tom Waits. What? It’s a beautiful song!
  2. Mr Moon by Mando Diao
  3. The Gnu Song by John Lithgow
  4. The Banana Splits by Articolo 31
  5. A Mover la Colita by La Sonora Dinamita
  6. Ask by the Smiths
  7. My Star by BrainStorm
  8. I Want to Live in a Wigwam by Cat Stevens
  9. Muenge Mwa Ndolo by Coco Mbassi
  10. Lullaby of London by the Pogues
  11. Miazis Me Fotia by Anemos. The Sniglet liked this one when he was about Maddy’s age.
  12. Ija Mia Mi Kerida by Janet and Jak Esim. The language is Ladino, which is basically what Yiddish would be if it were based on Spanish instead of German. Which I think is just really cool, because I’m a language geek. It’s a sad song, though, so don’t listen too closely to the words.
  13. Crazy Love by Van Morrison
  14. Mori Shej, Sabina by the Kalyi Jag group (Hungarian). Another daughter song.
  15. The Milkman of Human Kindness by Billy Bragg
  16. Sogna Fiore Mio by Lucilla Galeazzi
  17. The Flat Earth by Thomas Dolby
  18. I Think It’s Going to Work Out Fine by Ry Cooder

maddysbluebellhat.pngAnd finally, the secret mystery thing for my mixmania match, now revealed to be a Baby’s Bluebell Hat that is probably too small. Ooo, that reminds me, I promised to get the directions up for that one, didn’t I? Okay, working on it.


5 responses to “mystery music and secret hat

  • punchbuggyblues

    I thought I heard Suo Gan in there, but I’m only familiar with the version in Empire of the Sun (Which, along with A.I. and Munich is probably my favorite Spielberg movie – I know, I like the unpopular ones). The discs actually just showed up and I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for the hat and everything. It fits and Maddy was in the car when I played Disc two and she said “Yay!” when Tom Traubert’s finished – something she’s just started doing with songs she likes.

  • ~d

    You got to make a disc (or two)
    for peeps you knew.
    No worries, Alala,
    YOUR next disc will contain EVERY version of
    Y M C A
    that I can find!

  • cylithria

    Outstanding mixes !!!!! Love em!!! Hope you enjoyed yours Hun đŸ™‚ In that crazy Cyli way LOL

  • vicki

    Crap. Is it too late to rig the matches so that I can be yours? Not that I signed up to begin with, but dang woman! You did great disks! And that hat! Yes- directions, please!

  • TIME for mixmania! « alala

    […] always, copies available on request (Vicki, I still don’t have your address for the “Love Is All Around/Maddy’s Mix” […]

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