we who are about to proofread salute you

So I’m about to announce that I’ll be crawling into a hole this weekend, which would be much more impressive if I blogged often enough for a weekend’s absence to be noticeable, but I don’t, do I? Oh well.

Went to Wolle Rödel (yarn store) today, to pick new Arwen yarn… the green was more like army green, ew! And the purple was too light, but not quite light enough, a bit too pink… the kind of purple you might associate with visits to your Grandma when you were a kid. I bought it, swatched it, decided the color is not okay, so that’ll go back to Rödel next friday, and I’ll go back to Wollmeise. The thing is, these variegated yarns don’t look so great in cables, but if there’s not too much contrast it might work, so I’m pondering Rittersporn (purplish-blue) or Pfefferminzprinz (greenish-blue). Tough decision. So I’m still knitless, except for the toe-up sock and Ignatz’s sweater. Another week, oh how will I survive?

Well, at least my weekend’s all mapped out. DrBob’s third book needs to get to the binders on Tuesday – this isn’t final publication, but he needs bound copies of his habilitation (a sort of a post-Ph.D they have in Germany) to give to the readers. So he’ll be madly finishing it this weekend, and I’ll be proofing the pages as they come out of the printer. I’m not really sure why I said I could proof 300 pages in a weekend – for that matter, I’m not really sure why he believed me. But there it is, and here we are, with one weekend to get it done.

Since this is his third book, of course we’ve been through this process before, and it’s always a pretty intense experience. We’ve prepared as best we can, though. The cleaning lady’s been and gone, the kids will be with the grandparents this weekend, and we’ll probably take the phone off the hook too. Waagh, just thinking about it is making me woozy. I’d probably better take a buncha vitamins and go to bed early.

Song du jour of the day: Wale Watu, from my new CD by Khadja Nin. Her voice! It’s like a blanket and a cup of cocoa in your favorite chair! Love. It.


One response to “we who are about to proofread salute you

  • Melanie

    Oh, dear. When the kids are at the oompas, the house is clean, the phone is off the hook and you’ve taken vitamins…. have some sex for heavens sake. Proofreading! PAH!

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