temporarily knitless

gscarf.pngRight, progress report. Orange scarf that the Sniglet refuses to wear: finished, and languishing in a drawer. Grrr.

ghat2.pngHat for the Sniglet which he is wearing right now, and which I had to make because I’m the one who lost his previous hat: finished. He insisted on plain black with no adornment. I ask you: what have I done to deserve this?

The wollmeise bag with which I learned entrelac: DONE! Oh my wow, I’ve never seen so many colors on one item and I thought it would be impossibly hectic, but no, it’s just improbable. I like it way more than I thought I would. Check it out: not one single seam, it is all knitted in. That is how much I wock. Or at least, that is how much I hate sewing seams. bag11.pngbag8.pngbag7.pngI am sorry about the photos, though – I’m still messing with the camera, trying to get the right settings, and I couldn’t try it today because the weather was bad so the light was grim. When I get better photos I will replace these.

Sweater for Ignatz that is full of cables that I designed for the eleventy-hundred hour flight to the U.S. several months ago – heh. Funny story there. I seem to be sleeve-impaired. The first one was too short, so when I started the second one I took copious notes, and even though I tried it on him several times, it came out long enough but too tight. Not horribly tight, he could wear it if he doesn’t wear a shirt underneath. A 100% wool sweater. On my son, Mr Eczema. Yeah, so that’s a “no.” I considered a sweater-vest, but I just … couldn’t. It’s too, I dunno, too preppy. So now I’m working on the third sleeve, which is the first one, ripped back. But that’s a lot of busy traveling and cable stitches, in dark navy, so the times when I can work on it are limited. I should get a picture of that up, huh?

And finally, Arwen. Arrrgh-wen. It is a nice pattern, no doubt about that. But I really think I chose the wrong yarn. The cables don’t pop, the heatheriness smothers them, it’s half-acrylic so it’ll be all pills by this time next year, and the cable panels are so terrifyingly thick. I know they don’t have to be, because I swatched this same cable with the Wollmeise yarn. It’s definitely the yarn’s fault. I think I have to start over, with either this or this. Your votes are welcome, but the final decision will be based on how they look when I actually see them in person. But I can’t, until I can get to the yarn store in Munich. That’ll be Friday.

Oh, and some friends were over last night when I finished the bag, and I promised to make a sweater for their baby out of the yarn of their choice, so I have to order that from Wollmeise.

That means that right now? I have nothing to knit. Augh. But not in the normal projectless state wherein I could just start something – believe me, I have a ton of ideas. No, I am only temporarily knitless, and in a few days I’ll be back up to my usual 5 UFOs scattered around the house and the basic overwhelm. Overknit.toe-up2circsock1.png

So I’ve started a small project, something I’ve really been wanting to check out, especially since Elemmaciltur showed me a successful one on Friday: the toe-up sock. I have a ton of sock yarn, which I abandoned because dpns are such a pain, but now I can knit on one or two cable needles I don’t need the dpns anymore, yay! But I’ve discovered something: size 2 (2.5mm) needles are for crazy people.

Song du jour of the day, apropos of absolutely nothing I have said in this post: They Can’t Stop the Spring, by Dervish.


6 responses to “temporarily knitless

  • Melanie

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero???

    I have just started looking at my knitting again and have convinced some of the women from my MOMS club thingy to come over to knit / help me. And the karma gods are smiling… I have made friends with a young man who uses a wheelchair and needs a communication system, so I am offering free advice to his support people and his grandma, who he lives with, knits! And offered to help me, yay!!!! One day I will be able to knit without support.

  • alala

    Yes, yes you will. And you’ll invent stuff, and Ruby will see something in a magazine or a store and ask you to make it for her and you’ll say “No problem!” Knitting is cool.

    Also, I have to make Ruby a sweater. This color, it is calling her name. Yes, it is Ruby, a wonderful, deep red that will look too, too fabulous with her dark eyes and fair skin. It’s one of my projects-in-waiting.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Hehe, glad I inspired you with the sock….and I’m asserting a very huge restraint on myself not to cast on for my Wollmeise Entrelac Scarf for now….

    If you like, we could meet up for some knitting on Friday again….I’ll be free the whole time now, since tomorrow’s my last day at the university….(and I’m just procrastinating writing my seminar papers, again – don’t tell me you’re surprised).

  • amy

    That bag is dizzying! How do you like entrelac? I haven’t tried it yet. And I agree, Arwen deserves beautiful yarn. Both those you linked to look lovely; I have no vote because I couldn’t choose a favorite.

    I haven’t gotten the hang of that magic loop thing, I think because I don’t have the right length circulars. I’m okay with the dpns though, and yes, 2s are for crazy people. I’m knitting a sock on 3s right now. I tried 1s last year and threw the whole mess into the closet, but I’m hoping to get back to it someday.

    Oh, thank you for the baby out thoughts. My sister is at the hospital right now, and I doubt I’m going to rest until I hear from them.

  • Melanie

    Yay, Ruby sweater! Yes, the eyes are dark brown now (thanks Kick). Warning, she started big and continues big, like over 90th percentile for weight and length, she is bigger than 1 year olds we have met (around 23 pounds now).

  • Elemmaciltur

    BTW, sock knitting. My toe-up is on 2.5 mm…and my JayWalker is on 2 mm.\

    So, I’m a crazy knitter after all. :-p

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