Daily Archives: 18 February 2007

my butt will be shaped like this chair if I don’t watch out

DrBob is sick twice (a cold plus some stomach bug), the kids are out of town (one at the Oompas, one with his godfather), and I have spent ALL DAY putting my mixmania cd together and um, making something else. That is going to be a surprise for someone. Who does not read my blog but knows someone else who does and therefore may stop by at any time, so hush hush, but I promise I will post pictures and instructions (since I’m inventing it as I go) as soon as I am at liberty to do so.

I did make one work-related phone call. I guess that’s enough usefulness for a Saturday.

Oh, I had a really great song du jour of the day, what was it? Argh. How about Between the Wars, by Billy Bragg: and I’ll give my consent to any government that does not deny a man a living wage.