YAY! also, OW.

Right, well, I talked to my SIL today, and she gave me my brother’s number at the hospital, so I also talked to him for about half an hour. It sounds like things are as good as they can be, given the circumstances. All kinds of things that I didn’t even think of could have happened, but didn’t: no spinal damage, no internal organs ruptured, and a nurse happened to be outside, and heard him yell as he was falling, so he got help immediately. From a professional. They’ll operate on his shoulder on Monday, he’ll be in the hospital until next Wednesday at the earliest, once home he’ll have to truck around in a wheelchair for a few weeks, and a physical therapist will make daily housecalls. The Percocet seems to be working fine, pain is pretty much under control and he sounds quite chipper. Meanwhile, the neighbors and church have rallied round the family and SIL’s getting casseroles and free babysitting and all kinds of help and support.

I am so relieved and thankful, I can’t even tell you. I’m really really happy that things are going so well, and that it wasn’t more severe.

Meanwhile, remember the whole reading Harry Potter aloud thing? Yeah, we did another ten pages tonight and because my children, particularly the younger one, cannot fight the wrestling compulsion, as soon as we finished, the Sniglet lunged at Ignatz’s copy of Harrius Potter and Ignatz yanked it out of his grasp and jammed it straight into my right eye. The corner of the front (hard)cover. The pointy bit. I didn’t even have time to blink so it really did hit my actual eyeball, and in case you didn’t know, I’m incredibly eye-squeamish. I get dizzy seeing someone put in a contact lens. Huaugh. I get dizzy even thinking about it… excuse me for a moment…

My eye looks fine now, so I know it’s not damaged, but it hurts! And I’m also having a massive, extended ew!-moment. Generally I am grateful for the many blessings in my life, but for my two little blondish blessings, I’m a bit less grateful than usual this evening.

Song du jour of the day: Eye of Fatima, by Camper van Beethoven

3 responses to “YAY! also, OW.

  • Awaiting

    So happy to hear you brother is doing better…

    I am eye sqeamish too…I have a ver horrendous fear of clothes hangers and my eyes.

    Here’s to pain killers and you feeling better!

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  • vicki

    With vision in just one eye, this post made me go, “arrghhh, not, ahhhhg, ow, ow, ow” and my eyes watered. When Abby was about15 months she would stand barefoot on my bare legs during the summer and go sliding off to one side in the biggest, most painful skin pinch imaginable. That and accidental head butts I remember clear as ways my child tried to do me bodily harm.

    Glad brother will be okay and is getting good care- that’s one of those times you would like to be closer to home, yes?

    Received the beautiful wool from Claudia- I love it! I want to become her American distributor. :-)
    I have to write her today and let her know. I need another skein, too. What are you working on, tortured knitter?

  • samirah

    owww, i’m sorry about your eye. i have a concussion from a bottle of bourbon hitting me right in the forehead, if that makes you feel any better. although i can’t see why it would.

    p.s. happy valentines day!

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