Samirah sez…

you would think the germans would be a little more on top of this education thing. they seem, i don’t know, more precise than that.

Yes, well, they are. In a sense. If your kid doesn’t show up at school, they send the police to your house, and we had a big scene a couple years ago when we extended his 2-week Christmas break so we could go to Seattle for three weeks. Well, Philadelphia for one (hi Kel!) and Seattle for two, but the point is, apparently kids must be in school every day that there is school, on pain of excommunication or something. We warned them beforehand, they said “no he may not go,” we said “um, whothehellareyou? Not his parents, that’s who.” And sick notes have to be signed by doctors, and all that sort of thing. This is one of the reasons we are so annoyed, because he HAS to show up, and the teachers don’t. Hypocrites, much?

just for the record; i was 11 once, not that long ago. i don’t think my parents liked me very much during the period between 12 and 16. and they werent wrong in that. 15 was the worst though, i was so not worth the energy i spent on my hair at 15.

but… i got better, started acting human again and even went off to a good college. plus my parents don’t seem to be holding a grudge so that’s good. but the teenage years just suck, there’s no way around that.

Amen to that. I still like Ignatz, a lot, but I’m remembering two things: one is how unhappy I was at that age, and I’m cringing for what is probably in his near future. The other is how unpleasant I was at that age, and I’m battening down the hatches in preparation for what’s in my future. I will try to keep liking him, however hard he tries to change that.

Other news: In anticipation of the seventh, last and final (and ultimate!) Harry Potter book, due to arrive in July – on the 21st, how weird is that? The seventh woulda been cool, book 7 arriving on 7-7-07, but as JKR says, that’d mean a rushed job and it’s not worth it, so failing that, what about the 31st, which I believe is Harry’s birthday? That resonates. Anyway, uh, what was I talking about? Oh, right, well, since the book is coming out in July, we’ve started over with the whole series – I’m reading 10 pages of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone aloud each evening (unless we forget), while Ignatz follows along with Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis. Geeky? Or too, too cool? Pah, there is no difference.

The Sniglet joins us when he feels like it, doesn’t when he doesn’t, and therefore has no clue what’s going on. Oh well.

Song du jour of the day: Road to Nowhere, by the Talking Heads.

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