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4feb07.jpgToday was the Sniglet’s first soccer game! Also his second, third, and fourth games, since they decided to spring a tournament on us. Would’ve been five games, but one team didn’t show up. Fortunately, each game was only 13 minutes long, as suits the attention spans of a bunch of galloping six-year-olds (or 9-year-olds, in the case of the tournament winners, who were gigantic). But still. We were missing the Handball World Cup, and our kid spent most of his time on the bench. This made us mad. He didn’t decide to be upset about it, though, and therefore we are not going to bring it to his attention. Dang, this parenting business can be tricky.

We did get home in time to catch the last 8 minutes of a pretty exciting handball game, though, and of course if you’re only going to get 8 minutes, the last 8 are probably the best.

And tonight’s the Super Bowl! Kickoff’s at, like, midnight, gah. The kids have to get up at 7 for school, and I just signed up for a yoga class because I’m tired of being a blob, so I can’t even crash once they’re gone – I have to go somewhere. Poor planning on my part. So I dunno. Of course, if I cared about either of the teams playing, it’d be a no-brainer, but the Bears beat my Seahawks! Raar! I know, I know, once your team’s knocked out you root for your division or conference or whatever. That’s a guy rule, though. And the Colts are traitors, defectors, bleh. Teams that abandon their cities do not deserve to have fans. Moving to the suburbs doesn’t count, but changing states definitely does. You hear me, Sonics?

Song du jour of the day: Are You Sure? by Aretha Franklin.


4 responses to “about sports

  • Melanie

    Good parenting! Are you keeping track of all these things so you can advise me in a few years? My newest parenting motto is: It’s easy to be a laid back parent when it’s your kid doing the hair pulling. Yes, she does. Also pulled a soother out of another baby’s mouth (her mom was uptight about it). It’s all out of a sense of investigation and discovery, she means no harm, but……

  • mamalala

    Oh yeah, did I forget to warn you about that? Welcome to the motherhood club, watch out for snakes. Nobody, but NOBODY will judge you more than other mommies. Just be seen saying “no, we don’t do that” to the little darling, and if Other Mommy still gives you the hairy eyeball, figure she’s got problems of her own, and you don’t need her approval anyway.

    I’ll be happy to refer you to other advisors, but frankly? I think I’m botching this job up good, and I won’t be able to come up with anything more useful than “start drinking now. Don’t bother with beer, just skip straight to the hard stuff.”

  • Nate

    yeah, about the sonics… bummer and all, but blame the City of Seattle for not being willing to subsidize a dozen chest-thumping over-tatooed self-absorbed freaks of nature like all the other big cities do. Seattle is a great city, but it’s not a basketball city anymore like it was before George Karl and Nate MacMillan and Gary Payton left. The city changed, and the game changed–well before that in fact, and it just took awhile for everyone to realize it. Thank goodness they did. I salute both the City and the hick zillionaire from OKC that bought them for saying “screw you”. They’re both right. For those who weren’t watching, the NBA lost the regular fan in about 1998, which, not coincidentally, is around the time Kobe Bryant showed up. Oh. Right. Glad for Peyton Manning, not for the Irsays.

  • mamalala

    Yeah, I kind of knew that, and I was never much of a basketball fan anyway. I didn’t even know the Sonics had changed their logo from the green-and-yellow thing they had in the 70s, when we had those coloring books, remember those?

    But if I were a basketball fan, I’d wonder why I should root for the Oklahoma City Sonics. And the way the Colts left Baltimore? Sleazy. I know it wasn’t the players’ fault, but still.

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