peaceful protest and collective action

Backstory is: Ignatz has had some self-control issues, particularly centering around computer games, so we’ve made a few rules, one of which is that he can only play on weekends. We really try to limit weekday screen-time for both of them, but on weekends when they’re home all day and we’re too bone lazy busy to entertain them, the rules are a bit more relaxed. Also, I don’t like shooty-things much, or racy, car-crashy things, so for his birthday I bought him a game called The Settlers, where he has to build settlements and fend off barbarians (and I’m also throwing in brief lectures about the evils of colonialism and such) and find iron mines and pay workers and such. This has turned out to be a pretty good investment, because even though the Sniglet can’t play it (he can’t read yet), he loves to watch and so it’s turned into a kind of sibling-bonding thing.

Anyway. Today after homework was done and before dinner, they started lobbying to play Settlers, and I said no, it’s a weekday, entertain yourselves some screenless way. So they made signs that said “Mama unfair,” and “More Settlers now, less veggies forever,” and picketed me while I cooked dinner. And when the Sniglet’s sign was done but Ignatz’s wasn’t yet, and the Sniglet started marching at me, Ignatz said “No wait, it’ll only work if we do it together.”

Hee. I’m so proud.

Song du jour of the day: There is Power in a Union, by Billy Bragg.

6 responses to “peaceful protest and collective action

  • samirah

    your kids teamwork picketed you? that’s badass.

  • Awaiting

    Dang, now I want to be picketed!

    My kids love being on the computer. Even the 2 year old, has started getting the mouse and just clicking…all the while saying “I want Dora, Mommy…give me Dora.”

    I can only imagine what it will be like…right now they are all ages 2-8!

  • Kel

    Excellent! Tell them I’m making my own sign as we speak- I’m all about the hopeless causes!

    (Great song as well!)

  • alala

    Of course it worked! I want them to learn that peaceful protest and collective action can be effective, so I had to say yes. Anything else would have meant turning my back on my principles and geeking the most teachable moment I’ve ever been blessed with.

  • Kurt

    Oh that is too funny hehe.

    I’ll have to try out that game, it sounds pretty fun. If they like that, let them try Civilization 4. While you can build up a military and pillage and such, it’s more about developing your economy, discovering new technologies, etc. Lot’s of fun and helps you develop critical thinking too.

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