We interrupt this knitting project…

loewenzahn1.png…to bring you another project that will in turn be interrupted. Arwen was whistling merrily along until the yarn from Wollmeise showed up, and I had to play with it immediately. Some of you already understand the New Yarn Imperative. I was just going to extend the swatch I’d made, make several long strips and sew them together into a bag, but it was not to be. The very next color I tried was Löwenzahn (dandelion), and it was too contrasty, and really jarring in the Arwen cable.

plotting the colors for my busy knitting bagthe work in progressIt also occurred to me that, as much as I love this cable, I would be heartily sick of it after a bag and a sweater. So a new plan had to be made, which took about a day, and turned a cute little portable project into a big complicated intarsia-thing. Still, I was having a blast knitting it.

half a scarfEnter one Sniglet with a sudden need to accessorize. He wants a scarf to match his new jacket – the jacket is dark gray with one orange stripe, so he wants a scarf in the same orange. And how can you refuse a snaggletoothed six-year-old? Especially one who sets the table like this when you give him four napkins and eight chopsticks:


The social thing went fine, I think – I didn’t talk a whole lot, but the talk was mostly about academia, which is not my thing, so I think they didn’t notice, much. What was noticeable was that the eight people there included four German husbands, and four foreign wives – one American, one Cuban, one French and one Spanish. I begin to wonder who German women find to marry, because most of the German men I know have foreign wives. I’m sure there’s a very simple explanation for that. Like, oh, maybe, German women are as crazy as a box of frogs?

Just a theory.

Song du jour of the day: Satellite, by Elvis Costello. She looked like she learned to dance from a series of still pictures… That’s just such an amazing mental image.

Football update: they’ll be showing Saints-Bears game highlights at 11:30 tonight, followed by the whole Pats-Colts game, live, at 12:30. I’ll be watching the former, but not the latter.

3 responses to “We interrupt this knitting project…

  • Awaiting

    I really should take up knitting. Just imagine all the cool stuff I could make for my kids and as gifts! I admire anyone who can knit. It requires a skill and concentration that I lack!

  • Elemmaciltur

    Someone suggested I should do an entrelac scarf out of all the Wollmeise test hanks…do you think it’ll be enough for a small scarf?

  • alala

    @ Awaiting: oh, knitting doesn’t require skill and concentration, but learning to knit requires a great deal of patience and no reasonable alternatives. Prison’s a good place to learn to knit, or maybe the hospital, if you’re going to be there long enough.

    @ Elemmaciltur: Actually, I think it’d make a fairly large scarf, but I’m not really sure. I’m working on a knitting bag (well, I was), and it looks to be enough for a fairly big one.

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